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Хотела поспать днем, чтоб хоть как-то наверстать упущенное, но неожиданно позвонила рекрутерша из Тек Системс, предложила посмотреть на имеющиеся у нее позиции и сказала, что перезвонит их обсудить после обеда. Первый раз за все годы общения с этой конторой они прислали что-то мало-мальски интересное. Договориться о более точном времени, чем "после обеда" я сразу не догадалась (ага, вот они, последтсвия недосыпа, уже торможу), теперь вот приходится сидеть и не спать, ибо по закону подлости она позвонит минут через 10 после того как я засну.
Вот интересная статья о воздействии недостатка сна на организм и мышление от Globe and Mail (спасибо за ссылку elena_s)
Sleep deprivation is a national epidemic. And it's killing us
"... It is Dr. Dinges and a group of colleagues who demonstrated over the past decade just how impairing sleep loss can be. In one of the most extensive sleep studies ever undertaken, the researchers restricted the sleep of their subjects continuously for two weeks, while administering psychomotor vigilance tests every day. The PVT requires a subject to press a button every time a signal appears on a screen. It’s not a hard test.
The findings were terrifying. The performances of people who got four to six hours of sleep a night declined steadily with every passing day. By the sixth day, a quarter of the six-hours group was falling asleep at the computer, lapsing into five times as many “microsleeps” as they had on Day 1. Working memory, accuracy and speed collapsed.
By the end of the two-week period, the six-hour-a-nighters were as impaired as they would have been staying up 24 hours straight – the equivalent, in performance terms, of being legally drunk.
This is not a trivial result: A two-second delay in response is enough to veer into oncoming traffic. Imagine the effects of six hours of sleep a night for four nights in a row combined with talking on a cellphone while driving (which, of course, no one does any more).
But six hours isn’t much sleep. Another researcher, Gregory Belenky, a psychiatrist who now heads the Sleep and Performance Research Centre at Washington State University in Spokane, performed much the same experiment on subjects who got seven hours sleep a night – more than the average North American. The seven-hour crowd’s scores slowed for three days, then plateaued at a lower rate of performance.
They insisted they were not impaired in any way, despite their drooping PVT scores. The first thing sleep deprivation knocks out, in other words, is your ability to tell if you’re sleep-deprived.
And forget about paying off your sleep debt. “It’ll take several weeks to get performance back,” Dr. Belenky says. “And it isn’t enough to sleep in on the weekends.” ..."

UPD: по закону подлости рекрутерша так и не позвонила. Все, иду спать, прям счас.

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