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Список разных посещенных мероприятий, музеев и тому подобного (с картинками и без).

Концерт симфонической музыки. January 15, 2018
Vancouver Christmas Market. December 11, 2017
Museum of Vancouver, McMillan Space center, Vancouver Maritime museum. November 13, 2017
Cirque du Soleil - Kurios. October 2017.
TUTS - Musical "Mary Poppins". July 2017.
Canada Day 2017
Beaty Biodiversity Museum. April 2017.
Historical Arms collectors society annual show in Chilliwack. March 2017.
Science of Cocktails. February 2017.
TUTS - Musical "West side story". July 2016.
BC Gem Show. April 2016.
BC Hunting and Boat show. March 2016.
GranFondo Whistler. September 2015.
Ski to Sea relay race. May 2015.
BC Gem show. April 2015.
GranFondo Whistler. September 2014.
Fremont Solstice parade. Naked bike ride. June 2014.
Call to Dance XII. June 2014.
Ski to Sea relay race. May 2014
Clara's Big Ride. Let's talk. May 2014.
BC Gem Show. April 2014.
Disney on ice. November 2013.
Open house at Chemistry Department in UBC. October 2013.
Call to Dance XI. June 2013.
Олимпийские Игры в Лондоне - 3
Олимпийские Игры в Лондоне - 2
Олимпийские Игры в Лондоне
Call to Dance X. June 2012.
EAT! Vancouver. June 1, 2012.
Ski to Sea. Canoeing, race finish and after party. May 2012.
Ski to Sea. X-country and downhill skiing. May 2012.
Ski to Sea. Before the race. May 2012.
Lord of the Dance. March 2012.
Canada Day. July 2011.
Eat! Vancouver Festival. June 10, 2011
Chinese New Year parade. February 2011
VSO - Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3. January 2011
Beaty Biodiversity Museum. January 2011
Vancouver Christmas market. December 2010
Shadbolt Art Centre Seasonal celebration. December 2010
Light the lake & Christmas market. Coquitlam. Lafarge lake. December 2010
North Pole Field trip. December 2010
Christmas Ceilidh. Sionnaire Irish Dance Academy. December 2010
Pumpkin patch field trip. October 2010
Gem show. Fraser Valley Rock and Gem club. September 2010
PNE. August 2010
Canada Day in Fort Langley. July 2010
BC Highland games. June 2010
Eat Vancouver Festival. May 2010
Car show All British Field meet. May 2010
BC Gem Show. April 2010
Олимпийский огонь и Крузенштерн. February 2010
Russian House он же Sochi 2014 House. February 2010
О-лим-пи-а-да но-гу вставь. February 2010
Chinese New Year parade 2010. February 2010
Olympic torch relay. New Westminster. February 2010
Heritage Christmas. Burnaby village museum. December 2009
Santa Claus Parade. Vancouver. December 2009
Shadbolt centre. Seasonal Celebration. December 2009
BC Renaissance Festival. July 2009
Car show "Show and Shine". New Westminster. July 2009
Hyack parade. May 2009
Eat Vancouver Festival. May 2009
All British Field Meet car show. May 2009
Gun Show. November 2008
Harrisand. September 2008
HSBC Celebration of Lights. July 2008
Arts in park. New Westminster. June 2008
Eat! Vancouver festival. May 2008
West Coast Railway Heritage park. March 2008
Celebration of Light - Italy. July 2006
Eat! Vancouver festival. May 2006

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