Цапля большая голубая (big_blue_heron) wrote,
Цапля большая голубая

Rocks and minerals

Rock tumbling and cutting
Fluorite tumbling, 2nd batch. October 2010
Tumbled fluorite, 1st batch. September 2010
Камешки (quartz, fluorite). September 2010
Tumbled Fraser river rocks, 2nd batch. August 2010
Tumbled Fraser river rocks, 1st batch. July 2010

Nickel Silicate trip with Abbotsford rock and gem club, May 5, 2013
Камешки - гранаты, гранатовый сланец и галена. April 2013.
Harrison East garnet collecting trip. April 21, 2013.
Memekay caves. Limestone, marble, calcite. November 2011
Rock candy mine. August 2010
Fraser river gravel bars. March 2010
Fraser river gravel bars. February 2010
Some metamorfic rocks. August 2009
Some volcanics and chalcedony. June 2009
Fraser river gravel bars. April 2009

Gem shows
BC Gem Show. April 2013
Maple Ridge Lapidary club Gem show. February 19, 2012.
Port Moody rock and gem club annual show - Oct 30, 2011
BC Gem Show. April 2011
Port Moody rock and gem club show. October 2010.
Gem show. Fraser Valley Rock and Gem club. September 2010
BC Gem Show. April 2010
Surrey Gem show. October 2009

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