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No gravel pit in Chilliwack river valley!!!

Stop the gravel pit

Recently, there has been a proposal by Southview Sorting Ltd. to the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources to mine gravel from the "Larson's Bench" area of the Chilliwack River Valley. (25kms from the Vedder Bridge)

Key Points of the Application:

* Area- 40 hectares of disturbed land (that is more than 50 football fields) *1
* Years - proposed 40 years of gravel extraction (2010 - 2050) *2
* FVRD estimate of possible 94 truck passes per day on Chilliwack Lake Road *3
* FVRD notes that the proposal - is in a "red" zone, deemed inappropriate for aggregate removal except in emergency *4
* FVRD notes that the proposal is located in an "enviromentally sensitive"area *5
* No hydrological assessment has yet occurred - the applicant submitted a Mine and Reclamation Plan which includes a description of the site streams *6 - not a hydrological assessment of downstream impacts *7
* 800 metres from the Chilliwack River *8 (possible increased muddiness & run-off into the Chilliwack River)
* No environmental assessment has yet occurred - the applicant submitted a Mine and Reclamation Plan *9 How may it effect salmon spawning in nearby Pierce Creek? What about other at-risk species identified there such as mountain beaver & red-legged frog?
* Close to Chipmunk Creek Caves - unusual karst formations in for this area
* Proposed site goes through a section of the Trans Canada Trail
* No public consult to date with residents
* 1.5 million recreational tourists visited this watershed in 2005
* Near the newly funded First Nations Stehiyaq Healing & Wellness Villiage located at the former Center Creek Corrections Site

Sign petition here

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