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VSO kid's concerts

Рекомендую. Были с Лизкой на концертах обоих серий, ей понравилось, нам тоже. Снова пойдем.

Tiny tots

Tiny Tots is a 4-concert series for the little ones, from toddlers to four or five years of age, held in the intimate performance space of the Playhouse Theatre in Downtown Vancouver (and in the Terry Fox Theatre in Port Coquitlam). This series features professional music educators and musicians, Let Your Music Shine with Lisa and Linda, in their own musical presentations for kids.

Kids' Koncerts

Kids' Koncerts features fun and educational concert presentations, designed for children from age three/four to ten/eleven. It's a great family outing for kids, parents, and grandparents alike!
The VSO Kids' Koncerts Instrument Fair allows kids to touch and play real orchestra instruments in the Orpheum lobby beginning one hour before the concert.
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