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baby carriers for sale

товарищи продают 3 разных переноски для младенцев
если кому интересно, пишите им или мне, я могу забрать и передать (рядом живем)
MEC Happy Trails Baby/Toddler back carrier
Perfect for long walks, hiking or snow shoeing. Adjustable straps for both the adult and the child. Includes a sun/rain hood, and a large bag. Suitable for ages 4 months to 4 years. $60

Side carrier
This unique style allows your baby to observe the world and see you at the same time. May be also worn in front. Suitable for ages 4 months, or since when the baby is able to hold her head, to 3 years. Very easy to put on and put the baby in. Easy to check a diaper while the baby is in. Has a hood bag and a pocket for a spare diaper/purse. $40

Front or back carrier by Baby Trekker
Suitable for a newborn till when you are able to carry him/her. Barely used: we got it when the child was already too heavy. http://www.babytrekker.com/ $75

All carriers are in excellent condition.

If you buy them all, the price will be lower than the sum.


Choose a bed guard (for co-sleeping), soft cubes by Tiny Love, OR a baby book by Tiny Love.

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