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Chinese restaurants in Richmond

В преддверии маминого визита я начала планировать куда бы ее сводить, что посмотреть и что необычного покушать. Спросила бывшую сослуживицу не порекомендует ли она приличных китайских ресторанчиков в Чайнатауне. На что она ответила, что в Чайнатауне ничего особо приличного нет, единственное более-менее достойное место это dim-sum ресторан Floata и еще Jade. За хорошей китайской едой надо ехать в Ричмонд.

Hong Kong-style noodle house: (simple foods like wonton noodles, fried
rice, congee)
- Kingspark (near the intersection of No. 3 and Westminster Hwy)

Shanghainese cuisine: (not spicy)
- Shanghai River (across from Richmond Centre "The Bay" on Westminster
Hwy) - reservations recommended
- the "shanghainese" dumplings and hand-pulled noodles are
traditional dishes

Hot pot:
- Four Seasons Hot Pot (Aberdeen Centre, 3rd floor) - reservations recommended
- the 4-person "seafood" hot pot special is a great seafood
feast, a little pricer, but very fresh seafood and meats; feeds more
along the lines of 5 to 6 people

Dim Sum:
- Red Star (at the Radisson Hotel on No.3, on top of the T&T) -
reservations recommended
- Fisherman's Terrace (Aberdeen Centre, 3rd floor) - reservations recommended
- suggest going for early dim sum at 10:30 am on the weekends,
otherwise, even with reservations you still go on another wait list :P
- Kirin - reservations recommended
- both dim sum and dinner are good, the peking duck is yummy

Malaysian/Singaporean: (spicy)
- Tropika (Aberdeen Centre, ground floor)
- Prima Taste (Robson and Seymour)

- Chinese 411: 604-738-8888 - you can call this number to get the
phone numbers of all Asian businesses (as long as they're registered
with them), it's pretty handy and free :)
- Aberdeen Centre: http://www.aberdeencentre.com/en/index.php
- If you visit Aberdeen Centre, the cream puffs at "Beard
Papa" (in the food court, just atop the escalators) are fun to try.
They're patented from Japan and often are sold-out later in the day.

Some addition from her second e-mail:

Japanese tapas: (cooked snacks)
- Manzo (Hazelbridge/Alexandra Rd. - the "street of eats")
- don't go there hungry because you'll end up order a lot of
mini dishes and it gets costly
- fun for late night snack, neat atmostphere and to hang out
with friends
- Hapa Izakaya (by Denman ?) - recommend reservations, if your entire
party isn't there, you may have to wait at the bar until everyone is
- Guu - reservations recommended
- There are many locations, but I think the one on Robson
(and Thurlow?) has the most authentic atmostphere. Cozy, busy and
loud (in a good way :) ).
- The newest one on Water St/Cordova in Vancouver is quieter
and roomier. Food is just as good between the locations. The house
Japanese plum wine on the rocks is lovely.

Dessert house: (traditional Chinese desserts - hot and cold)
- Sweet 23 (Hazelbridge/Alexandra Rd. - the "street of eats", 2nd
floor of the mall that is near the Car Wash on Garden City)

- For Western desserts, James and I love going to "Sweet Revenge"
(King Eduard and Main ?) - a cute and quaint shop. Few seats and no
reservations, unless you call maybe 15 minutes before you arrive

- Becareful when parking along the "street of eats". The signage is
confusing, some street parking is marked with "Permit 2 Zone Parking"
amongst the regular paid street parking. We've gotten a parking
ticket even though we paid but parked in this "Permit 2 Zone Parking"
zone - friends have gotten dinged too. Little parking available and
small lot spaces, so be patient. :)

Oh, 2 of my favorite dim sum dishes at Fisherman's Terrace: (1) 3
mushroom rice wrap and (2) peatip, bean curd and gingko nut dish
(healthy and fresh dish). The dim sum places that I recommended have
your typical "ha-gow" (shrimp dumplings) and "seew-mai" (pork/shrimp
dumplings), but they have more modern dim sum - i.e. moving away from
the oily dim sum dishes, more fresh and light snacks). My family
always gets the "wu-tao-go" (taro cake). I haven't tried it myself
because I'm allergic to taro, but they seem to enjoy it very much.

Thanks a lot, Adelaide :-)
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