June 24th, 2010


hike this Sunday

А не желает ли кто составить мне компанию погулять в воскресенье на Burke mtn? Скажем, до Dennet lake или до Ted Kay lake.

Шотландский фестиваль

Highland Games

June 26
Percy Perry Stadium, Coquitlam

Once again we're assembling a full slate of traditional events including solo Piping and Drumming, Pipe Bands, Highland and Scottish Country Dancing, as well as our famous Haggis Hunt! In addition, our main stage will feature some of the best Celtic music available, while the heavy events will be ongoing throughout the day. As always there will be reminders of Caledonia, old and new, around the stadium and we encourage you to take your time and become familiar with each area. As always we have lots of fun events for our younger visitors including face painting, kite making, and haggis tossing.

Поскольку супруг пойдет в субботу в горы и машину заберет, то мы пойдем смотреть на шотландский фестиваль. Очень хочу посмотреть на танцы.