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Canadian Underwater Hockey National Championships in Vancouver this weekend!

Не пропустите! Чемпионат Канады по подводному хоккею! В Коквитламе (Coquitlam city aquatic centre) в ближайшие выходные! 15-17 мая.

The Canadian Underwater Hockey National Championships are coming to Metro Vancouver.

Turns out the playoff hockey season isn’t over in Vancouver, after all.

The Canadian Underwater Hockey National Championships are coming to Metro Vancouver. This unique take on hockey is played with masks and snorkels at the bottom of a pool. And from May 15-May 17, Canada’s best underwater athletes will converge on Coquitlam to duke it out for top honours.

The championship is organized by the Canadian Underwater Games Association. Since 1984, the association has worked to promote the expansion of underwater sports in Canada, including hockey, rugby, orienteering and even target shooting. Currently, there are underwater hockey and rugby teams located in six provinces and one territory. In Vancouver, teams practice several times a week at the UBC Aquatic Centre and CG Brown Memorial Pool in Burnaby. Each year, the best teams go on to compete in international competitions.

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