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Oncoming gem shows\sales

September 28, 2014
Gem Sale in Mission
32626 Logan Ave. Mission BC V2V 6K4
There is a rock and gem sale under the big top tent at the Royal Canadian Legion in Mission September 28th. Over 20 tables of rocks and gems to check out and a Fluorescent mineral display. Free admission

October 25-26, 2014
Port Moody Rock and Gem club show.
Kyle Centre
125 Kyle Street
Port Moody, BC, Canada
Featuring local lapidary artists and wonders of nature, our annual rock & gem show is an enjoyable and fascinating event for visitors of all ages. Our 2014 show themed, "Marvellous Mud", will explore fossils and mud-formed jaspers. We will be featuring a selection of Burgess Shale fossil casts direct from the Royal Ontario Museum, Department of Natural History in addition to other fossils from world-renowned locations.
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