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Port Moody Rock and Gem Show next weekend

Port Moody Rock & Gem Club will be hosting its annual show on October 26th and 27th, 10 AM - 5 PM, at Kyle Centre in Port Moody (next weekend).

This installment of our show will be a special one; it’s our club's 35th anniversary and the City of Port Moody's 100th birthday. Featuring the retrospective theme, "From Then to Now - 35 Years of Having Fun with Rocks," the show has been officially sanctioned as a Port Moody Centennial Event. It will feature a unique mix of local geology, archaeology, history, and lapidary art. Special highlights include:

- Artist Cosimo Geracitano and his Jade Book (Saturday Only)
- Artist Elaine Thompson and her special carving to recognize the City's Centennial
- Geology Teacher Erica Williams and her fossil collection from the Tri-Cities and Burnaby Mountain
- Former Port Moody Mayor and Freedom of the City recipient David Driscoll and his special wood carving with historical ties to our club
- Contributions from the Port Moody Station Museum, including a cannonball found in 1936
- The 'Centennial Cut', a BC gemstone featuring 100 facets, one for each year of the City's existence
- A collection of 'Moodite' - rocks from Port Moody - collected, cut, and polished in recognition of the Centennial
- A visit from Col. Moody and special presentations on the Sunday at 1:00 PM

Of course, what would a rock show be without the old favourites: sales tables, spin & win, rock smash, silent auction, demonstrations, and gem panning.

This year we are sharing our show weekend with the Surrey Club. Why not make it rocking good weekend and visit both shows?

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