Цапля большая голубая (big_blue_heron) wrote,
Цапля большая голубая

День открытых дверей на хим.факе ЮБиСи

Ежели кому интересно.

3rd Annual UBC Chemistry Open House

Chemistry: Beyond the Magic
Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 12noon-5pm
Where: UBC Chemistry Building, Vancouver Campus (D-wing/B-wing - 2036 Main Mall)

Seeing is believing! Come join us to kick off National Chemistry Week as we show you that there is chemistry magic all around us, everywhere and every day. Expect to be wowed by colourful flames and exploding balloons while learning the tricks up every chemist’s sleeve! While you are here, discover what it's like to be a chemist too! Experience the wonders of chemistry with our entertaining hands-on activities: a chemistry-themed photo booth, balloons, a full CSI lab and our delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream! Make slime, lava lamps and marshmallow molecules. This day of family fun is not to be missed!
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